Reckless Abandon Dress In Red


A classy red dress, a red lip, a sleek hairstyle, a fabulous shoe, am I beginning to paint a picture for you? This red dress is an absolute must-have! It's a true wrap dress and is adjustable right at the small of your waist so that it perfectly highlights and shapes your silhouette. It's also a ribbed knit material and so stretchy. 

Light Weight
Wrap Tie + Sewn Fabric Tag
95% Polyester 5% Spandex
Hand Wash Cold
Fits True To Size
Made In USA

*Measurements listed below are of the actual clothing item*
Small: Chest 36" Hips 40" Length 45.5"
Medium: Chest 37" Hips 41" Length 46"
Large: Chest 38" Hips 42" Length 46.5"
XL: Chest 39" Hips 43" Length 47"
1XL: Chest 40" Hips 44" Length 47.5"
2XL: Chest 41" Hips 45" Length 48"

Model is 5' 7" and is wearing a size XS
Model is 5'6" and is wearing a size 2XL
Model is 5'5" and is wearing a size L

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